The One and Only Authentic Country Club in Korea

The Ananti Golf Club represents the authenticity of a true country club in Korea.
A country club surrounded by a calm atmosphere but with easy access to the city, in which each family member can enjoy various activities.
The members of Ananti Golf Club can ensure their privacy while enjoying to the fullest pure relaxation through the club’s swimming pool,
golf club, tennis courts, restaurants, and club lounge.
Members can reach out to the members only services and culture of Ananti Golf Club within 20 minutes from the Olympic highway.

Exquisite Harmony between Mother Nature
and Club House, the Ananti Golf Club

The Ananti Golf Club is a country club that fully displays the beauty of all four respective seasons of Korea,
showcasing its club house along the outstanding mountainous landscape and
golf courses surrounded by endless nut pine, betula pendula, and zelkovas trees.
The Club boasts its 10,000 betula pendulas brought from all over Korea to display an extravagant scenery.
The Club invites members to a golf journey in a picturesque scene brought by Mother Nature.

Enjoy Golf in the 500 Acre Woods

The 500-acre Golf Course located in the heart of Yumyeongsan forest consists of 27-holes in 3 courses, named Nut Pine, Zelkova, and Birch.
The courses are seated in the very center of a magnificent forest granting an amazing, yet surreal experience to golfers.
In particular, golfers are able to experience a breathtaking tee shot as an outcome of a large altitude gap between the teeing ground and green.
The verdant grass all through the year and 14 extensive ponds around the courses also add grace to the sport of golf.