a new lifestyle for you to enjoy in the forest

Located in the great nature and just 30-minute drive from Gangnam,
ANANTI CHORD is a place expanding 248 ha where you can enjoy a unique experience and a new lifestyle.

New lifestyle that can be enjoyed regardless of season

Equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, an open hot spring and an indoor swimming pool,
ANANTI CHORD offers enjoyable water play all year round regardless of season.
Crayon de Eternal Journey is a creative space for children and is arranged side by side
with an interactive play area that applies a media façade and a library space filled with rare world books.
At Salon de Eternal Journey, a cultural space for adults, a variety of contents are offered for your intellectual
and artistic inspiration according to individual taste.

Enjoy Golf in the 500 Acre Woods

The 500-acre Golf Course located in the heart of Yumyeongsan forest consists of 27-holes in 3 courses, named Nut Pine, Zelkova, and Birch.
The courses are seated in the very center of a magnificent forest granting an amazing, yet surreal experience to golfers.
In particular, golfers are able to experience a breathtaking tee shot as an outcome of a large altitude gap between the teeing ground and green.
The verdant grass all through the year and 14 extensive ponds around the courses also add grace to the sport of golf.