General Information

  • General Information
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  • Local rules
  • Cancellation Policy

General Information

Dress Code Soft spikes are necessary within the golf club premises. Player are required to provide this information to his or her guests in advance. Neat and elegant attire is advised in the club house. Please refrain from wearing shorts, collarless shirts, short skirts, and sleeveless tops.
At the front desk When entering the club house, please sign the team assignment form. Locker keys and golf bags will be provided after signing the forms. Players are required to provide this information to his or her guests in advance, including the name of reservation and time.
Payment Settlement When settling payment, please return locker keys and guest keys to the front desk. Green fees and table expenses are settled at once after play and when leaving the premises. Payments can be settled by teams or by individuals. When requested at the front desk after signing in, payments can be calculated in advance or by individual.
Request to Comply with
the Club’s Concierge Services
and Etiquette Regulation
The staff at Ananti Namhae cordially requests all customers to comply with the given concierge services, such as those related to the club’s local rules and practice. Your consideration towards our concierges through generous guidance and encouragement will be highly appreciated with respect for our staff to provide the best services in Korea.
※ A team play of three or more players is possible during peak-season and weekends (including public holidays)


Category Green fee
Weekdays Mon,Tue 109,000
Wed~Fri 119,000
Weekends Sat, Sun
Sun 155,000
Category Fee Remark
Cart fee 80,000 Team
Caddie fee 120,000
Rental Club 10,000 FULL SET
Rental Shoes 5,000

Rules for Teams in Groups

Rule 1 (Purpose) This rule establishes standards on the management of teams for annual bookings at Ananti Namhae.
Rule 2 (Team Composition) Team play consists of five teams or less with a single team of up to four players.
Rules 3 (Reservation) 1. Actively performing organizations are given priority for annual bookings for the year after.
It must submit its registration for annual bookings from November 1st to the 31st every year.
2. Team composition must be finalized and submitted to the relevant golf club via fax under the authority of the team manager at least seven days before the date of play.
3. Cancellation of rounding or changes in team numbers must be submitted via fax and phone at least 14 days before the date of play.
4. The relevant golf club must confirm the reservation schedule of teams of the month after registration and evaluation and inform via phone.
Rule 4 (Management) 1. Team plays are performed during the weekdays from Mondays to Fridays and weekends and other public holidays are excluded from such plays.
2. Registration period is from January to December.
3. When the date of play coincides with a public holiday, it can be adjusted with the golf club to another day in the same week or another week of the same day.
4. Time of play can be adjusted with the golf club to other slots on the same day.
5. During the three months, December, January, and February, collective plays can be limited due to the shortage of daylight.
Rule 5 (Execution of Games) 1. For a smooth flow of games, members are required to arrive and register at the club one hour in advance and preparations must be complete 15 minutes before the actual game.
2. During play, games for 9-holes must be completed in 2 hours and 10 minutes, and 4 hours and 30 minutes for 18-hole games.
3. All subjects related to the games will follow the local rules of the relevant golf club.
Rule 6 (Management of Breach) 1. The head of organization and manager are responsible for the management of the collective teams.
2. Reservations can be cancelled when cooperation regarding team play is not feasible.
3. Should the number of teams not reach the number that was reserved for, an amount of KRW 200,000 will be charged as penalty.
Should such practice repeat the next month for over two sessions, reservations can be cancelled.
4. Games or play can be cancelled under uncontrollable incidents in which rounding are not possible, such as bad weather and other natural disasters.
5. Collective teams or organizations that do not comply with Rule 7 can be limited for play.
6. Beginners or first-time golfers, players receiving golf lessons during play, golfers that delay the game, and those with bad manners will be warned and can be limited to future reservations when receiving more than two warnings.
Rule 7 (Terms and Conditions) 1. Teams are actively encouraged to use the restaurants and shops within the golf club.
2. For team usage, the head of the organization or manager must attend together.
Should a special excuse occur, reasons should be notified seven days in advance when finalizing the list of attendees.
3. Standards for selection of teams for play the year after should consider actual shops and club house expenditures that occurred, actual number of attendees in comparison to the reservation, cooperation in proceeding the games, and practices of manners.
4. Other rules and regulations, such as the management of the golf course and club, and changes in the fees, should adhere to the golf course and club’s local rules.
Additional Rule Additional Rule 1: This rule is effective as of March 1, 2007.

Course Etiquettes

1. Replace grass immediately back on the damaged surface within the fairway and press.
2. Players should manage bunkers and replace divots in person.
3. Players must voluntarily check the safety distance between his or her team and the team in front.
4. Please adhere to the safety rules and only concierges can drive the golf carts.

Local rules

1. Out of Bounds (OB) are represented by white poles and water hazards are shown as red poles.
2. Ground under repair are shown by blue poles and areas where grass is under full attention are considered as ground under repair even without the blue poles.
3. In cases where balls fall on artificial flowerbeds, such as shrubs, silver grass colonies, and areas to protect certain tree families, manholes over drainages, cart roads, and other artificial facilities;
- A no penalty drop can occur within the distance of one club’s length.
4. The above rules implement the rules and regulations established by the Korea Golf Association.

Cancellation Policy

Member Category Contents Penalty
Members /
Cancellation of game: Cancellation after 16:00
from seven days before the actual date of play
KRW 300,00 per team
No Show: When player do not attend to play
at the reserved time for tee-off
Cancellation of room: Cancellation after 16:00
from seven days before the actual date of use
One night’s lodging fee
No Show: When guests do not check in
on the date of the reservation