First women-only club in Korea for the women, by the women

A gift to women who spend most of their time taking care of their family with love, patience and responsibility, and always give to others with kindness.
It is the place to let one’s guard down to take a moment for a full rest. With various activities and programs offered here, one will feel fully recharged.
With this in mind, the Club got its inspiration from the 18th century English club culture.
Enjoying afternoon tea while having a chat on subjects of art and literary works,
ladies of the Ananti Cheongdam will relive the era when cultural trends were created.
It is the place for women to create value-added beauty in life.
The Ananti will take pride in being particular on contents delivered to our lady members, and become the first and best women-only club in Korea.

Meticulous private garden in the city-center

The Ananti Cheongdam is located at the center of Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, the place where trend leaders gather,
and it will meet urban ladies’ everyday needs and wants to melt away fatigue and stress.
It is easily accessible, so members can drop by as conveniently as possible.
The garden filled with flowers, trees and birds awaits, and members can enjoy delicious cookies and tea.
If that isn’t enough, our guests can fulfill their intellectual curiosity with lifestyle books tastefully displayed.
Whatever our exclusive guests come here for, the Ananti Cheongdam will bring a valuable experience.
Be with nature despite being in the hustle and bustle of the city center, and feel special seclusion amid crowded surroundings beyond.
It is a privilege allowed only to our lady members of the Ananti Cheongdam.

Culture complex for a diverse experience

The Ananti believes in the value of hands-on experience.
More knowledge one is exposed to, one will have a better understanding and vision in life as well as developing a need to appreciate one’s own lifestyle.
However, that feels like a luxury when one is burdened with everyday tasks.
Sometimes, there is not enough time, and other times, it is because one doesn’t know where.
The Ananti Cheongdam won’t just be a place to take solace, but will be a culture complex offering diverse experiences.

We will be your choice of destination

The Ananti Club members can come anytime to find any topics they wish to learn and develop a deep and expert-level interest, such as in art, humanities, fashion and beauty, in a private exclusive surrounding.
Music concerts and film showcases will be available to
a limited number of audiences at a time, so that participants can better deepen their knowledge.
The Ananti Cheongdam will become the top choice of destination to lady members seeking to develop their exquisite taste on any subject matter.