Enjoy a Glowing Winter Season at Ananti Cove

It’s time that we break the stereotype of ‘trips to the seas are just for summer’.
Warm Water House is filled with natural spring water all season.
Infinity Pool is also run on spring water which allows outdoor swimming in the middle of winter.
McQueen’s Club brings you an amazing sunrise and sunset at its outdoor jacuzzi.
Enjoy this unforgettable experience only at Ananti Cove.

Sunset and Sunrise in the Glowing Waters

Sunset and Sunrise in the Glowing Waters Ananti Cove is where the sun first meets Busan.
Among many viewpoints, the pool at McQueen’s on the 10th floor of Hilton Busan
rings the most amazing view of sunrise and sunset without any interference.
In particular, the outdoor jacuzzi at the club provides warm temperature all year along,
allowing guests to enjoy the water even in the middle of winter.
Don’t miss the grandeur scene of sunrise and sunset in the warm waters.

A Natural Spring Swimming Pool on the Ocean

Ananti Cove’s Infinity Pool touches the coastline and boasts a wide view of the ocean,
which can be enjoyed also during the winter seasons.
This became possible by pulling up natural spring water from 600 meters below ground.
The pool will grant a special experience of swimming in the warm waters through crisp and fresh air from the ocean.