Introduction of Ananti Cove

Ananti Cove is located on the edge of a beautiful bay in Busan.
The resort is only a 10-minute drive from famous Haundae, and it is an easy access from the city center.
Some 200,000 ㎡ of floor space stands on a vast 730,000 ㎡ of land and the complex boasts of various accommodations.
Ananti Cove is a large town consisting of the most unique hotel, Hilton Busan; Korea’s best hot spring,
Water House; gathering of some 15 genuine lifestyle brand shops, Ananti Town; and, members only Ananti Penthouse and private residence.
The Ocean Infinity Pool is 18.5m X 40m X 1m in size and is the largest pool to be in a five-star hotel in Korea.
Eternal Journey is more than a book store but a culture complex. McQueen’s Lounge on the 10th floor of Hilton Hotel offers a breath-taking view.
An exclusive walking trail alongside the private beach coastline stretches out one kilometer.
Ananti Penthouse Haeundae promises utmost privacy to guests. These features and more will be everything vacationers ever wanted.

No More Habitual Vacation

There are many high-quality hotels and resorts boasting of top of the line facilities,
but they have so far provided activities that can be found anywhere. Before, guests just went to a restaurant or bar,
sat in a spa, or briefly exercised in a pool for fitness. Unlike such places, Ananti Cove adds color to a variety of lifestyle the guests can enjoy.
Guests can go to shops to pick up a novel or something to wear, or step inside a well-aging clinic to refresh one’s body and soul.
There is even a pet hotel and spa center so they can travel with the family and have the same amazing experience.
Imagine having all these gathered in one spot. It will open a new paradigm for vacationers,
having both benefits of being in a city-center hotel and a exotic resort, which have never been experienced before.

Experience the True Seaside of Busan

Only a short distance from the hustle and bustle of city center lies Ananti Cove on a one-kilometer stretch of private coastline.
It is the last surviving spot that has preserved the true value of Busan.
The Ananti Town is only a ten-minute drive from Haeundae and it offers all the joy of being in the city center and nature,
simultaneously. Visitors will be mesmerized with the open view of the Busan coastline while taking a leisurely walk on the trail.
Swim in the infinity pool all day while enjoying a nice sun tan. Ananti Cove has all the attractions of a journey to the seaside.